• CheckiO ClassRoom

CheckiO is being widely used by teachers all over the world as an extra-tool for their students to practice their skills especially after learning a new material. One of the things that make CheckiO stand out is that it has not just the fun coding challenges and tools for solving code puzzles but also a huge amount of interesting solutions shared by other CheckiO users.

If you have a big class of students, it’s hard to single-handedly monitor their activity, how good and how often they are solving the missions, who is stuck and how to help them? So we’ve decided to create a tool that can help teachers over the course, because the only way to get the hang of how clear you are explaining your material is to see how your students are solving the relative tasks and what they don’t understand. Another key factor for teacher is that they can control privacy of their students and make their students invisible for the rest of CheckiO Community.

For 2 years the tool was in open beta testing during which we had classes from 10 to 200 students. At that period not only schools and universities participated, but also the CheckiO founder - Alex - has been teaching Python in his hometown for over a year already and used CheckiO ClassRoom to help his students understand the language.

Alex quickly found out that a lot of students are struggling silently and coming to a conclusion that they are simply not smart enough for coding (which in most cases is misjudged), and only a teacher can push them in the right direction and convince that they can do it.

  • Your First Class - The basics of creating a class in CheckiO ClassRoom.
  • Class Progress - How you can use the advantages this tool provides for more effective class management.
  • Solution History - How you can become a mind reader and see the process in which your student was solving the mission.
  • Course Manager - How you can rearrange the missions and create the course specifically for your class.
  • Class Customization - What options are there to change the class to your liking (including privacy and sections customization).
  • Class Members - How you can manage the users in each of your classes and their memberships.
  • Class Invitations - How students can join your class.
  • ClassRoom Activity - What students have been up.
Don’t waste any time! Create your first class right now and help your students to learn programming more effectively.

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