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CheckiO ClassRooms

CheckiO stands out because besides having a great amount of fun coding challenges and various tools for solving code puzzles, it’s also full of interesting and unique solutions shared by different CheckiO users. This is why teachers all over the world use CheckiO as an extra-tool during their courses so that students could practice their skills when learning new material.


Class Progress

With one click you can see your class’s performance along with everything that each student has been up to.

Solution History

Be the ultimate mindreader and follow the train of each of your students thought during the mission solving process.


It’s up to you to decide how much involvement, access and visibility your class will have among the CheckiO community.

Class Progress

It’s no longer a mission impossible to single-handedly monitor the activity of your big class or even a number of classes. This feature provides you with a clear table where you can see the list of all of your students, the information on the last time each of them has been active and the missions that they’ve solved or tried to solve but didn’t finish. Class Progress gives you a clear picture of how your class is performing on CheckiO and which tasks have turned out to be the most difficult for your students. It’s objectively the most effective way to monitor your class and keep your finger on a pulse of its progress at any given moment.

Solution History

Each time any of your students solves a mission we save a complete log of the way he came to that solution, where you can see the stages that he went through, what approach(-es) he’s been using, where he had difficulties, what he’s changed, when was the last time that he tried solving something and even the last two missions that he’s been solving. It’s a perfect way to understand how your students use the given material on practice, meet challenges and figure out their solutions. Also, it gives you the opportunity to see where things went wrong in case your student gets stuck, and then you have the knowledge to give just the right hint to put them in the needed direction on the track to solving a particular task.


We have respect and understanding for our users’ privacy. Due to this CheckiO gives you the ability to configure it in a way you feel comfortable and to the extend you see acceptable by providing various choices. For example, you can hide your students from the CheckiO community, but at the same time leave for your students the ability to see the solutions of other CheckiO members and learn something new from them.



Harrow School
it was very useful earlier in the school year and generated a lot of student interest


Tilton School
I LOVE the product and will continue to use it


Raccoon Gang
The prospect of using Chekio for additional tasks during training is a great way to endlessly occupy those students who are learning faster than the rest

Frequently Asked Questions

We are just starting to learn Python or TypeScript. Will CheckiO be a good fit for us?

CheckiO is primarily for practice and skill improvement, and although it starts from a very low level, you should have some basic knowledge of the language and coding in general. The simplest task on CheckiO is to write a function that will sort strings. And even though the task is quite easy, the teacher still has to give the theory first, so that the student can actually solve it. The awesome thing happens after the student deals with this simple challenge, he will see the unique solutions of other CheckiO users and realize that the task can also be solved by using format or f-string. In this case, students learn not only by solving the coding puzzles themselves, but also by seeing other solutions.

Is the ClassRoom creation free of charge?

The Classroom feature is free for at least one year. During that period we are only asking you for feedback and are totally open to any submitted feature requests concerning the class improvements.

Do I have to create a class in order for my students to use CheckiO?

It’s not necessary. CheckiO is a free-to-play program that anyone can join for free. The CheckiO ClassRoom is simply a set of additional tools that make it easier for a teacher to monitor and support his students’ activity, plus it grants full access and a broad spectrum of CheckiO possibilities for students.

How can I create a TypeScript class?

CheckiO ClassRoom is currently supported only by the Python Version of the portal. The design of the TypeScript course is not done yet. As soon as it'll be finished, you'll be able to create your first JS class.


First Class

CheckiO’s oriented on figuring out the ways of giving you exactly what you require. Our experience and examples of effective work with other schools and universities only proves it.
The ClassRoom is currently disabled for JS for some time, because of the content migration to TypeScript.