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Next Generation of ClassRooms is Now and Here
Learn. Teach. Progress. Manage your ClassRoom from invites to progress leaderboard with the most collaborative, efficient platform ever.
Teaching with CheckiO ClassRooms
CheckiO stands out because besides having a great amount of fun coding challenges and various tools for solving code puzzles, it’s also full of interesting and unique solutions shared by different CheckiO users.
If you are a teacher or a mentor, you can use CheckiO ClassRoom to create groups of students, assign missions, monitor their activity, and provide guidance and feedback.
You can control who can see your profile, solutions and comments, it works for your ClassRoom too. Your students can use any nickname, but you will have an opportunity to add their real name.
You can join discussions, ask questions, and share your knowledge with the CheckiO community. It's a great place to connect with other coding enthusiasts.
Class Progress provides you with a clear table where you can see the list of all of your students, the information on the last time each of them has been active and the missions that they’ve solved or tried to solve but didn’t finish.
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Solution History like you’ve never seen before
Easy to manage New Solution
Now New Solutions are highlighted by green colour, so you can easily set filter for “New Solutions” and you will see students with new solutions only.
Tried, but Need Your Help
Track and assist students who attempted a mission but couldn't complete it.
View Progress of students in Real Time
See if any students are currently on the mission's page. Watch their thought process and lend a helping hand if they need it, using online Pair Coding.
500+ different kinds of fun coding puzzles
CheckiO has you covered with over 500 diverse and exciting coding challenges in various categories! Whether you're a beginner eager to learn or a seasoned coder seeking a challenge, CheckiO offers an array of coding missions and puzzles to match your skill level and interests.
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1M shared solutions
Over a million passionate coders like you have come together to collaborate, learn, and share their brilliant coding solutions on CheckiO.
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Customize Your Route - Create Personalized Map
Create Personalized Map
Don't miss out on this opportunity to code, challenge, and conquer your way through the coding universe.
Mobile Friendly
CheckiO is the ultimate mobile-friendly platform designed with you in mind. We have optimized for mobile devices, ensuring you can access it anytime, anywhere.
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Best CheckiO Analytics Tools
Track progress of your students, check theirs solutions, help your students if you see they are staying longer at one task - we gathered all this in one table!
* In Free Version you will see only first 3 students!
Unlock Your Awesome Features
Users have the ability to search for solutions of other users. For example, in order to find out how a certain function is being used in real tasks. Awesome users see the results without any restrictions.
Find Out How to get the most out of checkiO
Awesome account gives a unique opportunity to have all restrictions that a free account user faces lifted for you. Your functionalities and possibilities will expand as well.
Start Awesome Plan Right Now!
Any mission without solving
Hidden AD’s for you and your students
The full map opened
Unlimited analytics tools for ClassRoom
$99.99/per 1 year
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Awesome Teacher
Solve Missions
Console Tool & Web Extension
ADs hidden
See solutions of your students
See solutions of others
After solving and with delay
Solution Search Results
Only first 5 solutions
Map Full Opening
Mission by mission only
All Available Missions
Some missions are not available
Students in the ClassRoom
Amount of ClassRooms
Analytics tools for ClassRoom
Only first 3 students
* With Awesome account you unlock this feature both for you and you students
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