• Class Invitations

Another useful section is called “Invites”. We’ve already mentioned some information about it before, when talking about the process of creation of the class. You can get to this section on the right panel and through the ClassRoom Manager in the classes’ list.

This page shows all of the invitations that you’ve sent, and even better, all of them are divided into groups or sets. It means that when you’ll send out the next set or bunch of emails, they’ll be shown here. On the left you can see the “Sent” column which indicates when the emails were sent, then in the middle you can see the “Progress” column which lets you know how many of the sent emails were accepted, and on the right there is the “Details” where you can see the emails that have been sent and the users that have been added.

In case a particular user didn’t get an email from CheckiO (which can happen for different reasons), you can simply copy the link presented on the “Details” page opposite that user and send it to him or her via some other app, like the Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, etc. By following that link a person will be able to proceed with the registration process and be added to the class.

If you want to send another set of emails, you can click on the “Invite more users” on the bottom of the page and you’ll get to the “Invite to Class...” page (we’ve already talked about that when explaining the registration procedure during the creation of a class).

In case the feature of following links is activated for this class, you can use the given link and share it with the users you want to join you class. Or you can use emails on CheckiO (you can read all about it again in the previous part about creating your first class).

So, after creating and sending the emails, this set will appear on the “Invites of Class” page. There you can keep you hand on the pulse, and monitor the progress of how people are joining and so on.

In the next article learn how to quickly find out what’s new with your students.

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