• Class Customization

In order to see all available options hit "Edit" in the ClassRoom Manager...

... on the right panel of your class.

CheckiO ClassRoom has a lot of customization options. In this article we'll go over them, so you could understand which ones you want to change for your class.

The Name of the class, attached Course, “Who can Join” and Language are something we’ve seen during registration. But what else do we have?

First of all, there’s a big description field where you can add some text that will be visible on top of your class’s leaderboard, that is, on the main page of your class. Here you can put links to the important materials, tools and so on, so your students can easily find those.

"Forum access" - you can add forum into your class.

"Class members will be seen among other CheckiO members' profiles" - by default we hide students from the rest of CheckiO, in order for them to have a private space to learn, but at the same time your students can see the solutions of other users.

"By default class's solutions will be shown first" - when users open the solutions of other users you can choose whether you what them to see their class’s solutions first or jump right into the global leaderboard.

Things like "The rest of the CheckiO can see the Class's solutions" and "Class members can see the rest of the CheckiO's solutions" are pretty self-describing. You can basically control your class’s privacy on CheckiO.

If a teacher, or class creator, wants to become a member of the new class, he can check "I want to become a member of this class as well". In that case he’ll be shown in the class’s leaderboard.

"I want to follow every new member of this class automatically" - on CheckiO you can follow other users. It means that their activity will be shown on your Activity Page. All activity of your class will be shown on the Activity Page of the class, so you don’t need to follow all of your students. But if you want to have more than one class, you can follow all of your students and see their comments, votes and newly shared solutions on your Activity Page.

"I want to receive members' actions on email" - this is a very useful feature. You’ll receive an email when your student shares the solution, comments something or makes a forum post. Furthermore - comments on CheckiO are very powerful - you can leave a code-review in one email-reply. It gives you the ability to support your class even when you far from your computer desktop.

"I want to be able to see the solution history" - you can turn off the tracking of the solution history for your students.

As you can see, there are a lot of options that you can choose from to control your students’ experience on CheckiO, stay on top of all of their updates, reply to their comments, posts or solutions, and even join them in solving missions.

In the next article find out how to manage the members of each of your classes.

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