• ClassRoom Activity

This section shows the activity of all of the students that currently are in the class. This means that all of the shared solutions and comments, as well the non-private comments that the teacher has left below the students’ solutions are visible here.

To get to this page you can use the “Activity” link in the class’s right panel:

checkio classroom activity

From this page a teacher can start his work with the class by reviewing all of the changes that happened since the last time he was checking on his students.

Pay attention to the fact that the teacher can make the comment he’s leaving private (visible only to him and to that specific student to whom this comment is addressed), and in this case it won’t be shown on the class’s Activity page.

checkio prvate comments

As you can see, by using this page you can become updated on almost everything that the students have been up to. It’s fast and highly efficient.

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