• First Class

So, you’ve decided to try using the ClassRoom. The ClassRoom Manager you can find by clicking on your profile in the left menu and then picking the ClassRoom Manager from the appeared submenu. Here are the links to Python and JS ClassRoom Managers.

Over this short course we’ll try to explain you everything, but in case you get stuck feel free to contact us via online chat which can be found behind a green button on the bottom of the web page.

In order to create a class you need to fill in a very simple form in the ClassRoom Manager after clicking on the “New Class” button.

“Name of the Class, Course” and “Who can join” - you can leave these fields for now, and we’ll explain them further on. “Anyone, but approval is required” - basically means that not only you can invite your students by email, but they can also send you a request to join. The last question in this form is “Language”, which means the preferable translation for your students. The CheckiO community translates missions into different languages, and you, as a class creator, can choose which translation will be shown first for your class. Students can change their translation themselves anytime they want.

You can edit any of those fields anytime.

That’s it. After you create the class your next move is to invite students. You have two options. The first one is to just share a link to your class among your students, so they’ll send you requests to join through the ClassRoom page, which you’ll have to approve in your ClassRoom Manager. The second option is that CheckiO will send emails to your students with invitation links and those links can be used to join automatically.

Let’s try to invite by email. By the way, when you use invitation emails you can assign the name automatically and those names will be used on the ClassRoom pages. You can also change the message which will be used in the invitation email.


Before sending everything out, you need to confirm all the information once again, and only then proceed.

After submitting the form you’ll be redirected to the invitation page where all of the detailed information about the invites will be shown behind the "Details" link. You can get to this page any time through the class page.

(Here you can learn more about the invitation process. Here you can learn more about the user management process.)

When your class has been created, you can open it through the left panel by clicking on your user name and choosing “ClassRoom Manager” in the sub-menu. Here you’ll see the list of all your classes, and if you click on one of the classes, you’ll see your ClassRoom page. On the right panel you’ll be able to find “Invites”, so you can use this page to invite more students.

In the next article find out how to use the advantages that Class Progress page provides for more effective class management.

Don’t waste any time! Create your first class right now and help your students to learn programming more effectively.

For which programming language you’d like to create a class?